If you've got an older router kicking around, give it a new job. DD-WRT lets you configure all sorts of things, thus allowing for expanded functionality.

DD-WRT forums are down. Please run SQL query REPAIR TABLE phpbb_sessions; Please run SQL query REPAIR TABLE phpbb_sessions; comment:16 by jsebean , 4 years ago Whether you buy a router pre-flashed with DD-WRT or install it yourself, the open source firmware lets you access your router’s inner settings. Through DD-WRT, you can protect all web traffic passing through your router, and every device that is connected to it. In this article we discuss the best pre-flashed DD-WRT routers, and how to install and configure a VPN on your router. 1. Introduction; 2. Firmware Download; 3. Installation; 4. Configuration; 5. Test; Download DD-WRT Hotspot Wi-Fi firmware. Select the model of your Wireless Router or your Access Point and download the "Mini (or factory)" and "Full" firmwares. Télécharger le firmware Hotspot Wi-Fi DD-WRT. Sélectionnez le modèle de votre routeur sans fil ou de votre point d'accès et télécharger les micrologiciels "Mini (ou usine)" et "complet". Fournisseur. Modèle. Modèle Download; seek-w arrow-w. 1; arrow-e seek-e Refresh No items to display. Le routeur est pas répertorié? // Retour. Continuer. Softvision - Via Cesare Battisti, 101

Télécharger le firmware Hotspot Wi-Fi DD-WRT Sélectionnez le modèle de votre routeur sans fil ou de votre point d'accès et télécharger les micrologiciels "Mini (ou usine)" et "complet". Fournisseur

27/10/2016 · This is a tutorial on how to setup a (PPTP) VPN Server on a DD-WRT Router, I also explain in details the benefits of having a VPN Home Server. Sponsor / Affiliate - https://goo.gl/2ErCr4 - This is DD-WRT is a custom firmware for routers, it offers OpenVPN protocol support and is available on a wide variety of routers. You can check if your router supports DD-WRT firmware here. Client PPTP sur un DD-WRT « Réponse #34 le: 31 octobre 2015 à 16:18:44 » J'ai passé le MTU et le MRU à 1400 sur le serveur + le dd-wrt au cas-ou mais pas mieux. Bonsoir, Je viens d'installer la v24 sans aucun reset avant et après par flegme de tout reparamétrer. Tout a été récupéré sans problème sauf la sécurité et le filtrage wifi qu'il a fallu réactiver mais pas reparamétrer

Tried all links none of them work ftp.dd-wrt.com is down as well Last edited 5 years ago by amradn ( previous ) ( diff ) comment:20 by KrypteX , 5 years ago

How to reset the Linksys DD-WRT-v24-SP2. take a straightened paperclip or similar object and press down on the reset button/pinhole for about 10 seconds. Dec 28, 2017 to set QOS Quality of Service Speeds to 10MB/sec down 10MB/sec up However after a day the dd-wrt Buffalo router will slow to a crawl Oct 21, 2016 Below you will find DD-WRT Router Manuel Setup instructions for --comp-lzo yes --route-up /tmp/openvpncl/route-up.sh --down-pre Jan 7, 2017 Luckily this is quite easily done with the ddwrt firmware that I run on my This turns on the wireless every morning at 6am, shuts it down at  DD-WRT runs on routers by Linksys, D-Link Buffalo, ASUS and well as other http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/down.php?path=downloads%